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Tanzania Travel Company is the tour operator in Tanzania that has consistently delivered Tanzania holiday packages to thousands of clients. Being run by a local Tanzanian Sam Diah who for the last 25 years has accumulated all needed knowledge to provide you the customer with spectacular Tanzania holiday experience, Tanzania Travel Company has established itself as a number one company providing Tanzania holidays.


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Located in East Africa, Tanzania is the top tourism destination which hosts 16 astonishing national parks. The 16 Tanzania National Parks will give you various choices to choose for your trip, also keep in mind that each park has unique feature, here are just few examples;

  • The legendary Serengeti national park is famous for the 8th wonder of natural world that is the annual great wildebeest’s migration that is accompanied by large number of zebras and antelopes,
  • The tree climbing lions and hot natural springs in Lake Manyara national park,
  • Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world is hosted by Kilimanjaro national park,
  • Ruaha National Park is renowned for its highest concentration of elephants.

Tanzania attractions aren’t limited to just national parks; the country is the home for the world-renowned Ngorongoro Conservation area that is UNESCO world heritage site. About 3 million years ago, a volcanic peak of Kilimanjaro mountain height had to sink to give a room for wild animals and Maasai communities to live together in harmony. Ngorongoro conservation itself claims about 50% of all tourists entering Tanzania.

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This walking or treking, takes place in the wild African bush, home to several Maasai communities. Perhaps the most revered of the great African nomadic tribes, the Maasai originated in the Nile basin and migrated south through Ethiopia to Kenya and Tanzania in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
Enjoy walking experience with Masai


With a lot to explore in destination Tanzania, Tanzania Travel Company is dedicated to offering you a tailored; Wildlife safaris, Light mobile safaris, Camping safaris, mountain trekking, beach holidays and honeymoon safaris. All experiences above makes your Tanzania Safari Tours and Packages by Tanzania Travel Company a trip of a lifetime and absolutely out of this world.

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Tanzania Travel Company welcomes you to Tanzania and is sure that your safari desires will be well surpassed. With 16 Tanzania National Parks plus many other attractions, your Tanzania Safari Tours Packages will be designed to meet your specific needs.